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Welcome back to BSDA! What have you been up to over the last year?

Last year, we spent 5 weeks in Manila and 3 weeks in California and most of the summer traveling around B.C. It was great to spend so much time together traveling as a young family. My favourite addition to last year was that I lectured quite a bit in North America on Art and Entrepreneurship and the imminent need for radical, Creative Thinkers.

Lay Down

These pieces are very unique and quite different from your last show. Are these truly abstract or are they loosely figurative?

There is always an element of the figurative in my work. These paintings are most certainly no exception. They are about the limitations and borders of the body.

Carry What You Can (from Zoe's 2012 BSDA show)

Your artwork seems to emanate some kind of energy or emotion. How would you describe the energy of these pieces?

These paintings describe the edges of two forms; that which has definitive direction and confined limitations and that which is more lyrical and fluid. I am interested and how these forms come up against one another. We are, after all, always experiencing life in contrast.

Zoe's latest emotive portraits

As an artist who's as multi-faceted and busy as you are, what kind of creative/artistic things still scare you?

The still, quietness if the studio still frightens me very much. I have built a career on being very engaged with my clients and designers and this has let to a life lived more openly, out in the world. I have a deep respect for, and am determined to return to, a practice that is seriously concentrated on intent, focused studio work. It can get terrifyingly quiet and yet can yield the best work.

What's next for you?

I am moving my paintings from one medium to various product lines with some people I really love and respect. I'm currently working on a line of wallpaper in collaboration with Canadian Designer, Amanda Hamilton, I am designing the fabric for Nicole Bridger's Spring 2014 Spring line and my first rug is currently being made with the Burritt Brothers. I'm looking forward to learning how my work can translate across other mediums and scales and how this informs the studio practice.

Zoe Pawlak's website.

Zoe's 2012 BSDA show.

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