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I could not be more excited to have this new work by Katy Horan make its debut on Buy Some Damn Art. You may have heard me say this before on Art Hound, but Katy's work is some of the boldest and most original out there. She has such a singular vision, one that is fueled by her passions for costume design, folklore and female archetypes. It is a feast for the eyes.

Welcome, Katy! 



Untitled 5, $500.

Where are you from originally and where do you live now?


I am originally from Houston, Tx and I now live in Austin, Tx



The artist in SF last year for her show at Swarm.

What materials do you work with and how do you use them to create such detail and intricacies?  


I use gouache, graphite and tissue paper. I alternate between layers of detail (with the gouache and graphite) and tissue paper collage that I seal with Mod Podge. I just go back and forth to add or subtract detail until the image comes to a level of finish.



Keepsakes at Domy Books' Monster Show Five, 2010.


Who are the women in these pieces? Do they have a story?


They don't have a specific story or identity. They are more composites of characters that have stuck in my subconscious from a number of sources. 



Untitled 3, $400.


Tell us about your interest in fashion and costume history? 


I have always loved costumes and clothes. My favorite thing to draw has always been clothes. I thought I wanted to be a Costume Designer until I went to college for it and realized I only wanted to draw the costumes, not actually make them.



Katy's work at White Wall via Fecal Face.



Name a few things that are inspiring you at the moment.


I am hoping to bring some dimension into my new work, so I have been looking at a lot of victorian toy theaters and dioramas for ideas. I also recently saw the movie, The Woman in Black. It had the most perfect victorian gothic imagery.


A still from The Woman in Black



What else are you working on? Any big projects?


I have a solo show coming up in September in Houston, so I am making work for that. I am also working on some illustrations of folk and fairy tales to submit to publishers and hopefully get a book to illustrate!