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Flowers for Charlotte, $200.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

My husband and I were both born and raised in Columbus, Georgia which is where the majority of our sweet family lives.  I went to the College of Charleston and majored in Studio Art, got married, and stuck around Charleston.  If you haven't visited, it's great!! The young, emerging artist scene here is pretty awesome and we are a fairly close knit group of people.  I paint out of a non-profit community art center in town called Redux with 26 other local artists, and I am constantly inspired by the people around me!! 


How long have you been painting florals?

I have been painting florals since my senior year in college.  It's funny how I had been painting for almost four years, and the first time I painted flowers was the first time I felt super excited about something I had created.  I had an awesome professor at the time who was very complimentary, and he encouraged me to further explore flowers and my color pallet.  It's amazing what encouraging words can do for an artist!  


Flowers for Avery, $200.

Do you paint real bouquets or are they from your head?

I find contemporary floral design super interesting and love researching different florists from around the country for inspiration. For a while I purchased flowers from a local florist around the corner from my studio.  But, naturally, the florist would only carry flowers that were in season. So, for a whole month there would be the same types of flowers without much variation which got a little old. AND I only had so many vases that I could switch out.  I dream of one day attending some kind of seminar in floral design in some beautiful little town in Europe!




<style="text-align: center;"="">The artist's studio


How do you name your work? Are Carly, Avery, Lollie, Charlotte, Georgia friends or relatives?

90% of the names from the bouquets are from my friends or people from my childhood.  Some bouquets have personalities that fit the girls that I know.  The other 10% of the titles are names that I really love or ones that seem to fit the pallet.  All of these paintings on BSDA are named after people I know! 




<style="text-align: center;"="">Flowers for Georgia, $200.

As an observer your work reminds me of Matisse and the Fauve painters. Do you consider them strong influences?

I absolutely love Matisse, Vuillard and Bonnard, but I wouldn't say that I refer to their paintings for inspiration.  I believe I am similarly inspired and excited by shapes, patterns and, most importantly, color as those three painters.  I think I get really pumped up about similar things they got pumped up about.


What is your favorite color?

This is strangely my favorite question of all time.  So simple, but I have very strong feelings on the topic.  I am madly in love with colors!!  I am constantly looking around at successful color combos in my everyday life, whether that be in a spectacular blouse or an amazing Charleston sunset.  BUT, I currently have two favorite colors: one is a mint green and the other is like a magenta mixed with white....mmmmm...makes me excited just typing it!!


The artist's palette

Describe the perfect Saturday.

My perfect Saturday involves my husband, my dog, and my family, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, pickles, baby animals, antiquing, Anthropologie, a small nap, seltzer water, a Fleet Foxes concert, and the beach.  Man, that sounds like a great day...I want that day!!!


Name a few artist crushes if you would.

Hmmmm...artists crushes I have...when I first saw the work of Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler up close, in real life, I teared up a little!  I love Alice Neel, Kandinsky, Diebenkorn, De Kooning, and David Hockney.  I really could go on and on, but those are pretty much my top.