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Welcome back! Your previous BSDA show featured six of your nature-inspired paintings. Tell us, how did you get into ceramics?

I did some ceramics when I was in high school and just revisited the medium about 2.5 years ago. A good friend of mine, David Figuerao, was taking a class and encouraged me to join the class too. He was hand building and making really playful work and he inspired me to approach ceramics in this way. It became an outlet for experimenting and creating that was separate from regular art practice. I fell in love with it, it was a freeing in a way.

What prompted or inspired this very sweet grouping of spoons and small ceramic objects?

I like making work that boarders on the line of functional and dysfunctional and creating different surfaces for drawing. Most of my ceramic work is very intuitive and begins without too much of plan. This work came about in this way, just sitting down with some balls of clay and seeing what happens.

White Hand I

The "Hands" really stand out to me as bold and iconic, with references to the occult. Tell us about them.

The hands or 'hamsa' is a symbol of protection, blessings, power, and strength. I like the idea of making ceramic with intention and energy that can hopefully be passed onto whoever owns it.

Tender Temper

Are your illustration / painting and ceramics practices quite separate, or do they spill over into each other?

I have thought of them as separate for the most part, ceramics being more of a hobby, but I'm planning on making a series of ceramics and drawings to be exhibited together and begin making more sculptural ceramics that bring aspects of my drawings into 3d form.

What exciting things (art or life-related) are you looking forward to?

This summer I am doing a two month residency in a public park in Halifax called Point Pleasant Park. I am given a studio in the park in a old stone building called the Gatekeeper's lodge. I will be working on some outdoor installations in the park and some performance work as well as drawings. I am excited or the opportunity to expand my practice and take it in a more physical direction. After that I am heading to Norway in the fall for a month long residency at Lukkeskåra/Rådlausjuvet which is very exciting. I have Norwegian heritage and I have wanted to visit it since I was young.


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