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Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I moved back to Baltimore after college and even though the winters can be bleak I love this city!

even if the roads

How did you come to make paintings that showcase the typically invisible parts (canvas, stretcher bars)?

When I began to incorporate embroidery into my paintings I started to think more sculpturally about my work. I had been unraveling canvas to use as embroidery thread and this action changed how I thought about my materials. Looking at each element individually, I began working more with what it means to create a painting. As my work becomes more tactile it begins to disrupt how I interact with the two-dimensional picture plain of my canvases.

remove the blockage

You work in a muted, feminine palette with an organic yet structured visual framework. What inspires your aesthetic?

I have always been drawn to artists that create with some craft intention. There is a wonderful dichotomy between strong powerful pieces that use a softer line or palette. I like the idea that we can embrace our femininity and be a total badass while doing it. Artists that I am currently obsessed with are: Morgan Frailey, Alessandra Torres, Ruth Laskey and Ethan Cook.

consider the oyster

You studied painting and art history in college. How (if at all) does that background inform your art practice?

I went to a liberal arts college for undergrad and it allowed me to take some interesting classes that informed my studio practice. I'd spend hours looking at work by Jenny Saville and Louise Bourgeois while reading MFK Fisher and writing papers on the Dinner Party. I'd like to say I had a concentration in food/sex studies, but sadly that didn't exist. To this day I am a strong proponent of experiential learning. Some of my greatest ideas come to me outside of the studio, like when I am sampling cheese or drinking cortados. My goal is to integrate my everyday life into art making.

The Charles

What's your absolute dream project?

I just got a loom and recently watched Spike Jonze's Her and I have become obsessed with the idea of combining handmade and computer generated technologies. I am interested in working collaboratively to produce a performance piece and video that focuses on digital continuity through weaving. If someone were to invite me to work on this project in a studio in Marin County, CA I would be the happiest girl in the world.

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