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Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

Now I reside in the beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada but I am originally from England and moved to Canada when I was 8.

Monochrome Iceberg 3

Tell us about this series.

I started this series after reading letters sent from the Antarctic by my uncle in the 1970’s. He was a sailor bringing scientific expeditions to the Antarctic. His descriptions of what he saw captivated and inspired me! I love the mysterious nature of icebergs. I also brought a tropical element into some of the paintings in this series to further create contrast, these elements were inspired by stories my father told me about his childhood on the tropical island of Mauritius.

You capture the sky in moments of flux- in weather and mood. Is that something you are conscious of when painting?

I find the sky is a great place to become expressive with the application of paint. I like to have areas in the image where there is a tightness/realistic quality to contrast with other areas that are very loose and painterly. I think that the moodiness of the skies is something I enjoy cultivating and it can set a more dramatic tone.

Two Portals in Conversation

It seems you had a breakthrough deciding to paint geometric shapes onto the otherwise empty landscapes in your "Antarticus" series. Would you agree?

The geometric shapes actually made their first appearance in my 2011 painting series called Like A Great Black Fire. I brought in a couple of strange geometric manifestations and I really loved how they would really interrupt the experience of the piece. They felt like a risk and I need that type of challenge in my painting practice.

What is "Eerie Dearies"?

Eerie Dearies is a book of my illustrations released October 2013. It has an A to Z of 26 illustrations of different reasons to miss school but they are not your average excuses. From astral projection to zombie resurrection - I had fun coming up with each one of these! I'd say the book is heavily inspired by Edward Gorey.

Caught on a Wind from a Parallel Dimension

Do you have any other exciting projects coming up?

I do! There are two shows coming up in Vancouver, Canada before the end of the year. In October I will be displaying some of my large iceberg paintings at Initial Gallery for "Cipher Messaging", a two person show with the talented & lovely Angela Fama. My "Eerie Dearies" show is in December at Grunt Gallery and it features all the original paintings created for my book plus I'll be doing book signing there as well.

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