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Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I am originally from Stockton California and I currently live in Soquel California, which is basically the same as saying Santa Cruz.


Tell us about this series. Are they painted from photographs?

This group of paintings is from a new series that I began working on earlier this year, but they really stem from a very large painting that I spent about a year working on, which never found resolution.  In a way this series is also an homage to dejeuner paintings which I love, and are perhaps an attempt on my part to recreate some of that romance for myself in a way that I struggle to in the everyday.  The paintings are not painted from photographs, but I believe that they do reference some notion of a realistic possibility.   

..................................Example of a dejeuner painting:..................................   "Le Dejeuner" by Walter Wahl Battiss.

 How do you come up with the names of your series?

Because this set of paintings has functioned as a group for me from their initial conception it made sense to use a numbering system.  The 'nl' stands for 'nude lunch' and is abbreviated as an attempt towards a bit of subtlety.



Some of your paintings are quite large. Do you approach the work differently?

I don't consciously approach the work differently based upon scale.  I just try to make good paintings.

No Plates. 72" x 48". 

How do you feel about abstract versus figurative art as you seem to straddle both genres?

I often find that for myself a scribble can feel more honest than a form that tries to be convincing, even though I would suggest that most all of my work is in some way looking towards the figurative.  And that as I become less certain of anything at all that honesty becomes more and more important.

 nl 9

What kind of work are you currently making? Any exciting projects on the horizon?

I am currently wrapping up other paintings from this series, some of which were paintings that I sanded down as I didn't feel they lived up to the group as a whole and I have some loose plans for where I may go next, perhaps larger and perhaps with a more compacted sense of space.  I am also excited to have the opportunity to be a new adjunct at a couple local schools.


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