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Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I grew up in Le Mans, then I moved to Paris for school. I stayed in Paris for 6 years then moved back to Le Mans four years ago where I live with my boyfriend Julien Pacaud, who is also an illustrator, and my cat in a charming house.

How long have you worked as an illustrator?

I started while I was a student, I would say almost 6 years ago now.

Can you tell us a bit about the work in this show?

The drawings are a series I started in January this year. After working for many years on the computer, I felt the need to come back to the basics: only paper and pencil. The theme of these drawings is travel to ironic places. That's what drawing is for me: daydreaming and keeping track of it. I like to leave space for interpretation in my artwork, like how in dreams you don't really know what's going on, who is this character and why does his friend have a giant head? I don't provide a complete story so that the viewer can come up with their own. I like the idea that you can travel somewhere else through artwork even with just a few materials (pencil and paper).

Sur la Tête

At this point in time what are some of your biggest influences?

Scandinavian designs, and graphic design like Marimekko, and I'm also very inspired by 1950's aesthetic.

What is Ma + Chr?

It is the name of the studio I founded with my friend Christine Delaquaize. (It's the diminutive of Mathilde + Christine) We work on big projects I couldn't do solo, like interior design or graphic design for big websites.

Artwork by Ma + Chr from Rondins de bois & petits chiens

Your illustration and artwork gets a fair amount of circulation online. How does that play into your work as an illustrator?

I think I'm an illustrator thanks to internet. When I started I shared my artwork online and I received lot of feedback and discovered many talented people. That's what encouraged me to pursue this path. It's how I get a lot of work. It's very encouraging to see my work being pinned on Pinterest for example; I'm always surprised and proud. (I love the immediacy and quick feedback you get from websites like Facebook, Pinterest and even faster: Instagram. It's so easy to share with an audience worldwide, it's amazing.)

Mathilde's design for Etsy's twitter page.


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