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Please welcome Marion Wesson to Buy Some Damn Art! 

The artist in her studio with her BSDA show.

Where are you from originally and where do you currently live?

I am originally from Los Angeles and I currently live in Valencia, Spain.

Nasoki Collage 1


What brought you from Los Angeles to Valencia?

My husband and I decided to have a break from living in Los Angeles and take ourselves and our children (4 & 9 years old) on an adventure. We were also keen on having our daughters learn Spanish because we wanted to give them a fluent second language. We picked Valencia because we were looking for a real European city feel but at the same time something small enough to navigate on foot and on bikes, leaving the car behind.


What is the story behind your Nasoki Series?

The Nasoki work began when we arrived in Valencia in the summer of 2011. The word in Macedonian (my husband’s native language) translates to directions. So I guess this new work deals with the new path I have chosen for myself and my family. I often say that I’m in search of something beyond my life in Los Angeles; possibly a history or narrative that doesn’t exist there. Here I have been inspired by the architecture and the contrast between the old and new. These are the layers depicted in my work; the lines represent the pillars of fallen buildings, the new on top of the old.


How do these pieces relate to the Nasoki Box Installation?

The new box pieces I’m making start out as works on paper. After I draw the template and cut out the box shape, I have remnants left over. This gave me the idea to assemble these cut-offs into collage pieces of their own. So really the waste of one project was born into another.

Marion's Nasoki Box Installation


The stripes have a really beautiful layered effect and wonderful texture at the edges. What's your process?

I use very watered down, high pigmented acrylic paint. As the paint is applied to the paper or canvas I use the brush back and forth to “sweep” the paint to the edges. This leaves the center very transparent and the edges with line of pigment as well as the textured edge you mention. I try to create an edge which looks like it is vibrating or blurred. Sometimes my camera has difficulty focusing on the image when I’m shooting. Because the paint dries semi-transparent, I can do many layers of lines one on top of another to create depth. One layer covers the other but you can always see through to the first.

Nasoki Collage 13 (detail)

What do you love most about your adopted city, Valencia?

I love that my local art store doubles as a supplier of pest extermination products. I love that people are oblivious to the nonsensical English writing on their t-shirts. I love that once a year men and women (Falleras) dress up in traditional costumes and parade around town. There are so many things I love about Valencia but the old architecture has probably had the biggest impact on me, my imagery and my palette. More than anything, I love walking my girls to school.


What do you miss most about life in LA?

Trader Joe’s, Target and public tennis courts-I’m only half kidding. I do miss those things but you start to get used to living a different cultural lifestyle and I’ll gladly miss LA for that.