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Welcome back to BSDA! What exciting stuff have you been up to this past 12 months?

In the past 12 months I have participated in 16 art shows. I traveled to Austin, TX recently for a show at grayduck. I've released some new prints, painted a whole bunch of shooting targets, hosted a "Girl Crush" event in Minneapolis with The Jealous Curator, painted my first murals and received my first grant- from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council/McKnight Foundation.

What inspired the pieces in this show?

EXTREME cabin fever. I painted these during the tail end of (what felt like) the longest winter ever. I was spending waaaaay too much time indoors daydreaming about spring and going completely cuckoo. I set out to make them bright, flowery and cheerful but some madness definitely crept in.


"Daydreamer", "Skull"

Paintings like "Daydreamer" and "Skull" with their expansive nighttime scenes seem to allude to new possibilities and the inner-psyche. Do you think you're exploring these themes in new ways?

I have definitely noticed some shifts in my recent work. I've moved a bit further away from my usual pastel-only palette and become more attracted to brights and darks. I'm also pretty obsessed with silver and gold leaf at the moment. And nighttime scenes! I have spent so much time in the past 6 months working on commissions and special projects that I have not had time to just play in the studio. I am just now starting to really hunker down and work on a new series of paintings for my September show at the DeVos Museum in Michigan. So- while I have no idea where I am going I am excited about possibilities and exploration.

"Unleash" (in-process, finished)

You are truly prolific with your art and seem to have an endless source of imagination. Do you ever feel like you might run out of ideas?

That is a scary thought but I do not worry about it. I have found that as long as a keep a regular (daily!) schedule of working in my studio, ideas continue to flow freely. The more time I spend away from my studio, the harder it is to find my groove again. I try to keep my eyes/ears peeled all the time for inspiration. When I do hit a block it is helpful to try a new tool, a new method, some new colors- or just get out and do something else for a bit.

Jennifer's "paint dryer"

Your "Where My Art Lives Now" round-ups are awesome! Where are you most surprised to see your artwork live?

Thank you! I just about die when someone gets a tattoo of one of my paintings. That has happened a few times and is the ultimate honor for me. Seeing my artwork hanging in children's bedrooms means a lot too. My friend randomly spotted my art in a shop window in Bath, UK while she was vacationing. That was pretty rad. I really love ALL of those photos though. I am so grateful for each one.



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