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Where are you from originally and where do you live now?  I was born in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia back in the 80s :) between now and then I moved with my parents halfway up the east coast of Australia and as I got older we slowly made our way back down the coast again.  I now reside back in Sydney but in the heart of the city where the world feels alive.

View from Hollie's studio (!)

Your paintings are constructed of many geometric shapes that have soft edges like sea glass. Do you think about the hard / soft, precise / handmade dichotomy?  Yes, I do. I think about the medium of watercolour and how this is juxtaposed with the strong line work of geometry and the shapes I create.  Watercolour really has a mind of its own and an unpredictable nature so to pair that with the calculated angles and spaces of geometry makes things interesting and creates a pushing and pulling effect.  There is two seperate worlds involved but in saying that I make them interact and they lend themselves to one another - the shapes create spaces for the magic and unpredictability of the watercolour medium to occur.
"Deconstruction"- Hollie's show on BSDA 
Can you tell us about the name of the series, "Deconstruction"?  Deconstruction is a series that studies the 'pulling apart' and 'breaking down' of my work.  With earlier work the shapes have all been joined to create one large mass.  Now they are broken down into singular pieces or smaller clusters and therefore deconstructed. This is a concept I will continue to explore.  I would love to see it on fabric.
Hollie's mural/show New Form at China Heights (Oct 2012).
You've created a wonderful mural as well as some larger-scale paper sculptures. Is it really different translating your work to such a large scale?  The only hard thing with this is actually making the shapes bigger.  My hand just wants to work small for some reason.  And with the paper sculptures and the murals time is always a limitation because the setting is always a shop or gallery or someones house, so working too small means I'm going to be there forever.  This has been a really good exercise though and I love working large and in a new environment - not being restricted to my studio working on paper is liberating.  Working larger has also meant I've had to change my medium and my application of colour.  With the murals I've converted to acrylic paints and with the paper sculptures I apply colour with spray paint which makes for a really fun and active process.
What inspires you and your visual creations? I get a lot of inspiration from other creatives and am heavily inspired by a lot of Design - whether it be fashion, graphic, jewellery, textiles, whatever - I find myself more inspired by design than art but I guess there is a fine line between the two of them and where can I draw that line?  I am also greatly inspired by nature and the way things form unpredictably and naturally.  Crystals and gem stones are a huge inspiration for the work I do.  I find it fascinating how the earth can produce something as beautiful as a gem with its shape and colours. I recognise that the majority of gems are artificially coloured these days but I still can't get past that beauty in the merging of vibrant hues and clusters of shapes and patterns and thinking "the earth made this."  It blows my mind.  
Hollie's flyer design for the Sydney Finders Keepers

Where do you dream of seeing your work out in the world?  As I mentioned earlier, I would love to see my work on fabric - on clothing or on other textiles.  This has been a dream for a long time but I have never taken the step of actually doing it.  I would love to do more murals as well so to see these in/on buildings around the world would be like a dream come true!  I always see vacant walls and spaces around this city where I'd love to paint something bright and colourful :)
First image of Hollie painting by Amanda Como.