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Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I'm originally from Logroño, La Rioja (Spain's main wine region). I lived there until I was 18 and then I moved to Barcelona to continue my art studies there. In 2010 I relocated to London after living for 11 years in Barcelona. The move from Barcelona to London was a very funny one as my boyfriend and I decided to make it with a van so that our beloved cat could travel with us instead of going alone on a cargo plane. That road trip was one to remember. It was stressful without a doubt but we laughed so much!

Ocean 4 (shown framed)

These pieces are part of your ongoing Blue Series. What has inspired this "blue period"?

It's like a puzzle that slowly came together and here I am dying many of my clothes and home furnishings in indigo and navy shades, planting and sowing blue flowers and painting/drawing in all kinds of blue. I would say this "blue fever" started with a trip to Greece two years ago. The combination of blue and white all around left a deep impression on me. Afterwards I read a lot about colour symbolism and after learning about its more in-depth meanings I decided it was time to explore it.

Oceans Series in-progress

What is it like creating patterns for textiles, such as your scarves, and how does it compare to creating work on paper or on the web?

I'd say there really is not that much of a difference between formats really. The thing that differentiates some projects from others is the intention behind it. When it's illustration or some client commission the concept behind it usually is a bit lighter/easier, but when the project is related to my art practise it has a lot of different layers of research and meanings behind.

Limited edition scarf series

How has the web influenced or propelled your career as an artist and designer, if at all? Is your website how most people find you?

The web has helped a lot and keeps doing it! Many great bloggers like Grace Bonney, Irene Hoofs or Holly Becker posted about my work a long time ago and that introduced my work to new people, I'm grateful for that. Also many people find me thanks to my blog directly, for many years I've been posting all kinds of things there. More recently Pinterest has been key for people to discover my work.

Ana's cover for Cinneplexx's Perfume Remix EP

What about your adoptive city, London, or adoptive country, the UK, inspires you?

Definitely! The architecture, the history, the cultural life… and above all –though might sound weird- the greenery. I love that there are amazing parks, gardens and nature reserves all around London. I'm really into gardening and having my backyard to experiment with flowers and edibles it's a dream come true! Also a five-minute walk from my house there's a lovely forest with a boating pond. I love going for walks there.

The artist's studio

What is your absolute dream "pie-in-the-sky" project?

I don't have one in particular but many instead and the list could be too long really as my passions are many and my enthusiasm makes me want to try/experiment with wide range of different things… from designing stages for operas I love to creating patterned roof gardens :)


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