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Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I’m from Norwich in the east of England, a couple of hours away from London. I lived in London for 4 years whist studying illustration after I graduated I found I was worrying about rent/bills/having no money all the time and was directionless. So I moved back to Norwich where I could actually afford things, I’m often in London carting around my ceramics so I get the best of both worlds.


How did you discover ceramics?

I’ve always been interested in ceramics, although I studied illustration all of my work was 3D. I wanted to take a short course whilst studying but it was too expensive. As I moved home signing up for night school was on the first things I did. At first I wasn’t that into it because it was a slow process and I found it really frustrating waiting for pieces to fire. But once I got into the rhythm of it I loved making things that felt so permanent.

Plus it’s made me more patient.


What's the weirdest thing you've ever made?

When I started making ceramics covered in boobs I was using an open pottery studio where people were mainly making traditional pots. Everyone in that studio thought my work was the strangest/worst thing ever.

The weirdest thing I think I’ve ever made is a meter tall diorama depicting Hall and Oates lyrics; I based the design on a wedding cake and had women eating 80’s heartthrobs.


On your portfolio site I spotted your clay series "Sophie". Can you tell us about that project?

It was one of my final projects at school, based on William Hogarth’s 1735 engravings A Rake’s Progress. The series shows the life of Tom Rakewell who quickly descends into madness and ends up in Bedlam, a mental asylum. It’s a depressing riches to rags story that made for a ridiculous 3D comic strip. I followed the same story arc but applied it to a British model/celebrity Sophie Dahl who at the time had an awful cookery program on TV. I showed her success as her downfall and her TV show was her (my) personal version of Bedlam.


What's your absolute dream project (personal or professional)?

I love TV and my work is often about pop culture so I’d love it to go full circle. Making props for a TV show, like the scene in it’s always sunny in Philadelphia when they smash a vase

I want that to be my vase.


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