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Amanda Seguardo

Posted by Kate Singleton on


Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I am from a small town in northern Spain, where I have very recently moved back after living in Valencia for many years.

What inspired this series?

The starting point for the show was a sketch of one of the characters, then I came with the rest of the situations. Playing with paper also helps developing the illustrations, a lot of inspiration comes from the different colors, textures and shapes.

How did you get your start as an artist/maker?

Since I was very little I've been interested in arts and design, so studying Fine Arts was a natural step for me. There I focused on drawing, graphic design and animation.

What are your absolute favorite materials to work with?

I love drawing with pencil on paper and playing with scraps of paper. I also work a lot with Photoshop.


Have you considered stop-time animation? It seems like your work would lend itself well to that medium.

It's funny you ask because I had the same thought while working on this project. I love animation, I did some little projects during my studies and I'd love to take it again some time.

You also take on commercial work as a graphic designer. Do you have any cool projects in the pipeline (or recently released)?

I've just got an interesting brand identity project I'm willing to start. Besides that I've started doing freelance work very recently so I'm working hard on promoting and finding new exciting projects.

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