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Jennifer Davis

Posted by Kate Singleton on

Where are you from and where do you currently live? 

I have lived in Minnesota my whole life. I currently live in Minneapolis.

Your work is infused with bright and cheerful color. What draws you to those shades?

I’m not sure. I get completely addicted to certain colors and use them over and over in every possible combination I can think of until I get sick of them and move on to new ones. In general, I like soft pastel colors with pops of brights/blacks. I enjoy the play of softer colors against a moody or dark undertone of the subject matter.

What's your favorite thing to cook or bake?

(Not exactly cooking or baking but) I have recently learned how to make fresh spring rolls. The key is to remember they are not burritos so you have go easy on the fillings. Fresh mint is crucial.

Do you ever give the creatures in your paintings personalities and backstories?

Always! I think about these things as I paint them. I keep myself entertained.

Do you have any animals of your own?

Yes! I have a cat, Nudge. My boyfriend and I were present when he was born 16 years ago and he is the center of our household. He can “shake” and give “high fives”. He is amazing- and I am a crazy cat lady.

Name five things that inspire your work.

Animal behavior, human behavior, colors, nature, daydreaming.

Can you reveal a few artist crushes?

I could name a bazillion- here are a few: Camilla EngmanRobert HardgraveThe Date Farmers.

Tell us a bit about your studio space and practice.

I work in a small spare bedroom in our home and it is my happy place. I spend most of my day in here every day- painting, working on my computer, and listening to NPR.

What can't you live without?

Plenty of alone time for painting.

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