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New Show // Rebeca Raney

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Rebeca Raney's wonderful series Flower Power is now featured on Buy Some Damn Art! The six pieces Rebeca created for the site are a mix of her quick ink drawings and more laborious work in color (Rebeca LOVES COLOR!).

Rebeca's dedication to finding beauty and the innocent yet at times frenetic energy found in her work remind me of the Japanese artists Murakami and Nara. The artist Q/A follows below.

Flower Power 2, 3, 5 & 6.

Where are you from and were do you live currently?

I am from Miami, Florida a wonderful place to grow up. I live in New York City and my studio is in Brooklyn.

Tell us a bit about the work in this show.

These are flower drawings that I started making this Fall. The black ink stage goes really fast and the colored gouache part is really slow. It's kind of like painting fingernails. You have to be really careful to get a nice velvety, flat surface.  I think of these invented flowers as being decorative and joyful. A tremendous amount of care goes into them.

Flower Power 5. $275.

 You have very specific materials that you swear by. what are they and why are you so loyal to them?

I only use Rives printmaking paper. It's very thick, can get very wet, and doesn't crumple easily. You can run around with a sheet of it and not worry about wrecking it. Prismacolor colored pencils are the pencils I had when I was little. I'm nostalgic for them but they are also the best pencils. I started a letter writing campaign when they discontinued their neon pencils to no avail. For neon colored pencils, I now use Lyra. I use Higgins Engrossing ink because it doesn't melt away with water and the ink sits on the paper instead of soaking in.

And for these flowers, I started using Holbein Acryla gouache because they have great colors and aren't terribly expensive. I bought every color they make which was a splurge because even though the tubes are very small it is going to take me a million years to finish them. I just saw a great Woody Allen documentary on PBS and he is still typing on his first ever typewriter. He also said that once he decided on the style of glasses he wears he never had to think about it again. That's how I feel about materials. I try and sort out the best and then stick with that.

Ana Love Seat. 2007

What are a few things that are inspiring you at the moment?

I am always inspired by fashion. I am really into Marni's Spring/ Summer 2012 collection. It's very flower power. I am also really into the dresses my dear friend Marla Deann Cook is designing. We are planing a collaboration where I provide her with textiles and she just goes to town.

Marni S/S 2012 via RANEYTOWN.

How do you respond to people who say your work is "cute?"

I think cute is a very powerful force in the world. I embrace it. I am drawn to cute things. These flowers are elegant, pretty, and would be super cute in any room. I framed them in silver frames so that they have a kind of seventies slickness.

Flower Power 3. $275.

How are you enjoying blogging? (Rebeca and her designer sister, Raquel, have a kick-ass new blog, RANEYTOWN.)

Blogging is this goofy thing my sister got me into. Our blog is really special because it's a way for us to communicate with each other because she's in Arizona. Sometimes, I see something she's blogged about and I think she's bonkers. Other times, I think my sister is smarter than me. I'm excited for when RANEYTOWN starts producing little magical things like stationary, books, and scarves.

The Raney Sisters (Raquel, Rebeca)

If you had a personal motto what would it be?

I'd like to steal a lot of Bill Cunningham's mottos.  I try to be free in what I do. Very, very free. I want everything that I make to have physical integrity and not be some flimsy piece of crap. The world is full of junk and I try not to junk it up too much.

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