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Claudia Vivero

Posted by Kate Singleton on

Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

Naci en Buenos Aires, Argentina y ahora vivo con mi familia en Tel Aviv, Yaffo, Israel.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and am now living with my family in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.


How long have you been making art?

Hace 26 años.  /  For 26 years.

Tell us about this series.

Comence esta serie que la llamo "pintura-collage" hace casi un año. Es la mescla de todo lo que hago, pintura, grabado, formas abstractas, mescla de color, recortar, ordenar, pegar y coser.

I started this series which I call "pintura-collage" (painting-collage) a year ago. It's a mixture of all I've been doing so far, painting, engraving, abstract forms, mixture of colours, to cut out, arrange, stick and sew.

Do you have a favorite piece (in the series)?

Si, la llamo "la llamo la nube naranja". Fue el inicio de esta serie. Me parece una obra completa, alegre e infinita. 

Yes, I call it "la nube naranja" (the orange cloud). It marks the beginning of this series. To me it appears a complete work, happy and infinite.

La Nube Naranja (Pintura Collage 4)

Going through your portfolio online your work goes from very geometric and restrained in 2011 to really vibrant and imaginative in 2012. What has that been about?

Revisando mis trabajos anteriores me di cuenta que no era ya lo que queria seguir haciendo. Estuve semanas solamente observando y pensando en una forma de arte que sea mas sincera conmigo. Y un dia paso. Recorte telas ya pintadas, dibujos y les pegue vinilos de colores, cosi formas con otras formas y surgieron nuevas formas y parecen obras mas dinamicas.

Going through my previous works I noticed that I didn't want to keep on doing the same. For a few weeks I was just observing and thinking about a kind of art that would be more sincere with me. And one day it happened. I cut canvas already painted and drawings, then glued colorful vinyls on them, combining different forms by sewing them, a technique that would produce new forms again leading to very dynamic works.

What are your hopes for 2013?

Poder seguir trabajando en esta serie "pintura-collage", que no se me termine la imaginacion. Crear en paz. 

To keep on working on this series "pintura-collage" and not to run out of imagination. To create in peace. 

Claudia's website.

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