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Harem6 is the collaboration between Romanian artists Ildiko Muresan & Flavia Marele.

Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

Ildiko : I’ve lived in Cluj Napoca for the past 13 years now. I was born in Ocna Mures a small town situated in the north east of Romania.

Flavia : I was born in Beius which is in the north west of Romania, close to the Hungarian border, but for most of my life I lived in Petrosani where I attended the first school years, then I lived for 5 years in Alba where I went to Art School . I moved to Cluj Napoca which is in the north western part of the country, I’ve lived here for 12 years now.


Tell about the series you created for Buy Some Damn Art.

We’ve always been addicted to human faces, we feel the expression on the face show a lot about the human beings. But not only the shape of the faces and the details but also what those faces “wear” on the outside. They are a miraculous compound so complex and powerful at the same time, they carry within them the whole of a certain person. They are you, they have a signature. These portraits are of common beings that all have super powers they hide inside and dream about accomplishing their dreams. They have special gifts and in their self-image they look like these portraits. We were inspired by old comic books and the idea of becoming a better person day by day.

What inspires you to create such imaginative work?

Inspiration can be anywhere and that’s what is beautiful about it. It’s so surprising ! We love reading, traveling, artists, animals, movies. And they all inspire us !

Your artwork is so unique and yet you are so prolific! Among the different types of work you create (dolls, drawings, sculpture, jewelry) what do people respond most to?

They love our dolls, animals and portraits the most from what we’ve experienced till now.

Ethnocats, Katia

How did you end up working together?

We both went to the Art University in Cluj Napoca, so we sort of moved in the same circles. In 2003 some colleagues from the Art Academy threw a party at someone’s house, there was also an exhibition and that’s where we met. Soon after we met we realized we have a very similar vision about art, living and the world in general, although of course there were many aspects we thought about differently but that was perfect. Why? Because what’s the need for two people to create together if they are the same? If they were identical then there would be no need for two, one can do things perfectly all by herself. Actually the differences united us.

Do you each create your own art on the side?

Ildiko : We both create our own art. I love drawing so I have my own drawings and jewelry pieces and Flavia also has her drawings. But we love working together the most. Working separately also gives us the inspiration for new works which should be created together. All these works reflect our personalities, they are fragments of our souls. We sometimes imagine them on a beautifully decorated stage where anything is possible and this is such a beautiful image, full of possibilities and the pleasure of not knowing what’s next and the pleasant expectation of the new work to come. There is such joy and an impossible feeling to describe before the idea takes hold. You have to know the art of waiting, that “sleepy” momentum, isn’t a waste of time or dead. We’d call it the glorious silence.

Ginger Moon

How should buyers display these works? Are they meant for the wall?

These works are meant for the wall but they can also be displayed on a shelf or anywhere you feel you’d like to see them.

Harem 6 blog.

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  • Oh, how I love Harem 6! Their art is so fun. Really amazing!

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