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Danielle Krysa

Posted by Kate Singleton on

Danielle Krysa is a graphic designer, artist, blogger and mom. While most people know her as The Jealous Curator, the name of her addictive blog of art that makes her jealous, Danielle is also a talented artist herself! In this brand new series, "Blush," Danielle explores themes of innocence and sexuality based on her experiences as a teen.

Where are you from and where do you live currently?

I was born and raised in Canada. I've lived all over the place, but currently, I call Vancouver home.

Lovin You (detail)

You're a busy lady, blogging and working as a graphic designer. What's your art practice been like? Are you more active now than in the past?

Yep, it's pretty crazy over here! Well, I have a BFA in painting and printmaking, but I put my fine art on hold for a really long time. I did a post-grad in graphic design and once I started working, I spent all day on design projects, that quite frankly, sucked up all of my creativity! About five years ago I decided to make a conscious effort to get back into actually making art. The Jealous Curator {my blog about other people's work!} has actually really inspired me to get back into the studio.

This is some sexy work! Tell us about this series.

Ha! Well, It's a very personal project… so let's hope my parents don't read this interview! This series, titled 'Blush' is about me coming into my sexuality a little earlier than I probably should have. They are the combination of my experiences as a young teenager - the exciting discovery of some very old playboy magazines, a high school sweetheart who loved KISS {the soundtrack of our relationship}, combined with still being very young & naive. Let's just say I was still collecting sparkly stickers, and had a love of all things rainbow. It's meant to represent the confusing, beautiful kaleidoscope that was my innocence and curiosity, all mixed into one.

Where did these ladies come from?

These are found images. I think all of them are from Playboy, mostly from the 1960s - 1970s. Let's just say it was at some point in the late 70s, early 80s that I found a stash of these magazines. They were sort of my first glimpse into sexuality.

Good Girl (detail)

Did you keep a diary as a teen? I'm trying to picture you as at fourteen, fifteen…

I did, and it's beyond horrifying to read now! I thought I was so grown up, and I could not have been further from it {hence this series, I suppose}.

Would you identify yourself specifically as a collage artist? Collage in general seems to be having a thing.

Yes, I think so. I used to identify myself as a painter, until I realized that most of my work barely had any paint on it. I think because I'm a graphic designer, all of my work has quite a design-ish feel to it. I like using found pop-culture images, and things like stickers from the 80s, so collage is perfect for me!


What are a few things you've learned from the artists you feature on TJC?

A huge lesson for me has been to realize that there is a place for everyone. There are a zillion artists out there doing a zillion things, so as long as I'm true to my work, there will also be a place for me. Maybe at the Playboy mansion!

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  • aren’t they great? i really love the rainbows and heart stickers… and strawberries. brings me back!

    kate on

  • Love these so much!

    Jessica on

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