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Rachel Mosler

Posted by Kate Singleton on

Rachel Mosler in her studio at the Vermont Studio Center.

You just got back from a residency at The Vermont Studio Center. How was it?

My experience at Vermont Studio Center was amazing. I loved the frigid morning walks to studio, the wooded landscapes, meeting talented new artists and the home cooked food.

What did you most enjoy during your time there?

The intensive studio time was nourishing. I worked in the Barbara White Fishman studio in a corner space inside of the print making area. My studiomates were really sweet and we had a good vibe going, This American Life was audible and the reserves of hot chocolate were abundant.

Rachel's older work (Transmuted And Bending...) and Knight of Cups, $500.

Your recent work is very different than your older work which was architectural, structured and muted color-wise. What is this new work about? What were your inspirations?

I brought along a deck of tarot cards with me, planning to draw one card a day and to ask specific questions beforehand. The first card that I pulled was the High Priestess, as I painted her I became connected with her persona, her mystery and tendency to hold and reveal secrets, the tarot quickly became the focus of my series. I had been thinking about how it would be interesting to use more vibrant colors, shapes and patterns. I quickly began to break free from my previous methods and soon my palette was overflowing with color.

What is your favorite piece in the show?

My favorite piece in the show is Strength - I love the juxtaposition between the delicate female figure and the fierceness of the lion.

Strength, $500.

Now that you're back from your residency what's next for you?

I have two new projects in the works.  The first is to complete a series of large scale genograms, in fact I recently completed the first, which depicts Freud's geneology. I like the flatness of the symbols and the haunting quality in the portraits. The second project is based on themes of inhibition, inspired in part by the films Human Nature and Wild at Heart. The first painting, for example, depicts two naked women and a bonfire, one women is reaching towards the flames and the other attempts to pull her away, my thought was that both figures were impressions of the same person and her super-ego emerged to override her id.

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  • Really enjoy the diversity here! Nice work Rachel— so happy you were able to get this done in Vermont.

    shaun griffin on

  • Great art, I love the lion!

    Joana on

  • This work is amazing..I am so thrilled learn more about your genealogy series..

    Nick on

  • Rachel, I absolutely love your works! I can’t believe I didn’t see the ones you were working on at the residency, although I am extremely glad to see these works =)

    Jane on

  • My favorite detail is the lion’s curly mane in “Strength.” It’s striking and playful.

    kate on

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