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Does Buy Some Damn Art accept artist submissions?

Yes, BSDA accepts artist submissions. If you've spent time on the site and feel that your work could be a good fit for Buy Some Damn Art you are welcome to submit your work for review by completing the BSDA application form along with the $25 submission fee. We try to respond to submissions within two weeks. 

What kinds of work does BSDA accept?

BSDA accepts submissions of original artwork in a variety of media including painting, drawing, collage, mixed-media, textiles, ceramics and sculpture. BSDA does not accept photography, digital artwork or reproductions of original artwork. BSDA exhibits artwork priced from $300 to $1600 and asks that artists limit submissions to artwork within this range. 


Yes, BSDA accepts submissions from artists around the globe. 

Do PARTICIPATING artists ship their ARTwork to BSDA?

No, artwork remains with the artist until a sale is made and is then shipped directly to the buyer.

How does shipping to the buyer work?

When a sale is made the artist is supplied with a pre-paid Fedex label and asked to carefully and promptly pack the artwork and drop it off at a Fedex location. 

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